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A powerful digital security blueprint identifies your level of risk, exposure and vulnerabilities then fixes it. CloudMarc protects you from reputational damage.
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Build digital resilience.

Because digital is a part of everyday business it becomes really hard to track what data you have, what risks you face, and how this could impact business. Situations where CloudMarc assists is where:

  • The internet is a channel to market
  • Information is captured that can be monetised
  • Regulatory and compliance is required
  • Customer requirement to demonstrate secure methods

Having a secure digital base
could save the day.

Reputational damage is one of the biggest risks of an insecure digital environment.
CloudMarc makes, identifies and implements secure measures that prevent
or prepare business for digital danger.

Plan + Having
a Strategy

Let’s make sure your systems, clients and revenue are protected now and in the future.

  • Your security road map
  • What to achieve, and when
  • Identifying risks and mitigation plans

Early Identification
+ Metrics

There is no system that is 100% secure. We are able to run tests and reduce your exposure.

  • Review your security architecture
  • Run simulated attacks
  • Feedback an improvements

+ Standards

We’ll help you come up with policy and frameworks that ensure you adhere to regulatory standards.

  • Industry standards
  • Certifications
  • Organisational security policies

Digital protection could be the answer
to all of your problems.

By investigating that nature of your business, CloudMarc’s research and analysis
identifies the critical cybersecurity threats and risks to which your business is exposed.
Our technology works to overcome these risks or breaches.

Culture + Best Practices

Generate real security uplift through a ‘cultural change’ approach to awareness. Synergy between teams not only enhances efforts but increases likelihood for continued digital protection and development.

  • Organisational security awareness programs
  • Workshops
  • Regular compliance assessments

Readiness + Mitigation

Are you ready if/when a crisis eventuates? Do you have the process and systems inplace to respond? Being prepared for a crisis event will save you time, money and protect you from bad publicity.

  • Risk mitigation
  • Crisis management
  • Recovery methods

Safer Cloud +
Secure Approach

We help you validate the security of your 3rd party vendors. That way you can trade and engage with your customers confidently knowing that they can trust you and your 3rd party relationships.

  • Review your cloud security architecture
  • Configure your cloud solution to be sure
  • Identify security loopholes

Are your systems secure? We’ll protect you.

Are you ready?

How trustworthy is a digital
environment that’s never been
tested for a breach?



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