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What Is CloudMarc?

CloudMarc is a global IT consultancy, that provides independent QA and Cloud Services to our clients using the latest tools and technologies which enables our clients to meet business objectives and better ROI. Founded by like-minded technical experts with over 200 years of cumulative domain expertise, our aim is to provide solutions to client problems rather than bodies to meet project needs. CloudMarc is backed by investors from a conglomerate with staff over 3500 and locations that span across the globe.

Our Culture, Our Values

Trust is the binding force between us and our clients, which we have achieved, by providing services in their best interest. Our primary focus is to identify our clients’ business needs and long terms goals to deliver suitable solutions aligned with their perspectives. We do not believe in suggesting solutions with financial incentives in mind if the solution is not suitable for the client.

Our clients are the lifeline of our business. We believe that success of our clients adds significant value to our business, and it is a positive reflection on us. We value our clients’ business goals, and our services are designed to support them to achieve those goals efficiently and strengthen their ROI.

We understand that quality is an important aspect of any business. Our processes encompass unparalleled measures to ensure that we dispense our services with relevant standards when providing services to our clients. We have also extended quality assurance measures in our internal processes including selecting resources, training and development and overall functions of our business.

Our dedicated team consist of consultants who live and breathe cutting edge technologies in the market. Whether it’s Automation, Cloud services or RPA, our R & D team is committed to continuous research on the latest and advanced technologies that adds value to our clients’ businesses.


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