Quality metrics.
Monitored across
your entire SDLC.

Ensuring no defects leak into production or to your end users. CloudMarc builds end-to-end quality inside your entire Digital & IT environments.
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From requirements to design
and development, nothing gets past us.

No quality. Bad experience.

And that impacts revenue. Improving the quality of digital products and services, whilst reducing waste is critical for your customer’s experience. Quality based metrics are implemented and measured across all processes within your SDLC.

  • Shift left and test early
  • Deliver reliable code more frequently to production
  • Test efficiently and regularly
  • Streamline your go-to-market strategy
  • Agile coaching
  • Agile transformation

If there’s a problem, we’ll find it.

Test early, find defects early and reduce costs. Our engineers build quality
into your SDLC throughout every phase. That’s our ethos.

Early defect detection

Due to the digital age and market competition, organisations try to do more releases to get an edge. This means there is a high percentage of defects leaking into production.

  • Less reputational damage
  • Less cost to fix defects
  • Reliable code more frequently to production

Reliability applied in every step

Do you know how reliable your system is? Will your clients use your system if they have doubts about its reliability? How could this impact your brand and overall commercial reputation?

  • Shift testing to the left
  • Test efficiently and regularly
  • The right tools for the right job

Quality Engineering

Our Engineers build quality in to your SDLC throughout every phase. Test early, find defects early, resolve the issues and reduce future costs is our ethos.

  • Methodology
  • Engineering principals
  • Testing (System Testing, User Acceptance Testing Unit Testing, etc)

Let’s develop it right the first time.

CloudMarc works with your teams to ensure your SDLC runs smoothly.
We are constantly testing and maintaining the integrity of your organisations
products, systems, and software.

Go to market strategy

Be confident knowing that we align our Quality Engineering strategy with your “Go to market strategy”. This assists with a superior product hitting the shelves.

  • Increase the number of releases to production
  • Increase the quality of production releases
  • Metrics

Governance & process

Our team will come up with a governance and process improvement strategy for your organisation to make sure your SDLC is running efficiently.

  • Defect management process
  • Test management tools
  • Enterprise test strategy

Requirement reviews

Often if a system does not meet your client needs the culprit is often found in the initial/original requirements. This in turn impacts the subsequent processes that followed to gather the new specifications.

  • Requirement capture process
  • Requirement review workshops
  • Feedback from business users

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Are you ready?

How reliable is a digital
environment that’s riddled
with bugs and glitches?



of companies in 2019
used agile software
development testing



of companies use
exploratory testing as
a software testing



of companies use test
automation for functional
or regression testing.